Every camp session concludes with our memorable "4K Showcase" on the last day of camp. Check out what campers created last summer! 


Throughout the session, campers experienced various forms of video projects. Please click on your child's corresponding group number to view their work.

CODING & Design

This summer, campers created interactive monsters using cardboard cut outs and integrating them with circuit boards. They also created their own version of the Flappy Bird video game! To view this project, please have your child log into their Scratch account.


Campers submitted group design proposals, which were then screen printed onto t-shirts. They also designed and printed custom hats and masks.


In culinary, campers learned essential kitchen skills while making Vietnamese spring rolls, tacos, fries, pasta, scones, and more! They also experienced a plethora of water color projects.


Summer camp is all about getting outside and active! What better way than through new games, activities, and exercises?!