Throughout each session, our campers experience ALL of the following activities, from arts and technology to sports and recreation. We have a project-based curriculum fit for incoming 1st to 7th graders!

*Many of the photos and video clips shown on this site were taken before Covid-19. Masks are highly recommended during our summer session.

Film & Animation

Assemble your crew, gather your props, and direct your very own short film! Utilizing mobile devices to capture footage and various applications like iMovie for post-production, campers will acquire the technical skills to render their own films! They will also engage in Lego storytelling, stop-motion projects, and working with green screens.

Skills & Tools: Scriptwriting, Film Editing, Visual Storytelling, Shots & Angles

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Coding & Design

Writing code and creating customized musical instruments are just several projects campers will tackle.  They'll surely get their creative juices and problem solving skills flowing when working with hardware kits and designing mobile applications. Our makerspace allows campers to become confident with technology. After all, computer programming is the future!

Skills & Tools: Programming (JavaScript), Circuit boards, Testing and Debugging

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Art & Screen Printing

Explore the traditional process of silkscreening, a manual process where a mesh is used to transfer ink. In this class, campers design logos to print on various substrates like t-shirts, cards, and posters. They also collaborate in teams, come up with design proposals, and make their designs come to life. Other crafts include science experiments, recycled art, and painting.

Skills & Tools: Design Process, Squeegee & Print Techniques, Press Setup, Artist Study

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Culinary Arts

Mix...Knead...Toss...Slice...Serve!!! When it comes to food, kids know best!  From baked cheese & tomato risotto, to hand-rolled sushi, to fresh Vietnamese spring rolls, the list goes on as campers experience a taste of different cultures. Our goal is to bring out the inner chef in all of us!  After all, what's better than a home cooked meal?!

Skills & Tools: Knife Cuts, Cooking Principles, Stocks & Sauces

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Sports & Recreation

Recess time! Here at Camp 4K, we value play and social development.  Activities like capture the flag, obstacle courses, and group games, challenge students individually, but more importantly, stresses the importance of teamwork.

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