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2023 Camp Highlights


Throughout the session, campers experienced various forms of video projects. Please click on your child's corresponding group number to view their work.


This summer's coding class featured a handful of custom scripted games by the campers, including Pong, Operation, Catch, Dino, and Whack a Mole! To view their projects, please have your child log into their Scratch account. In Maker class, campers built paper airplane launchers and cardboard pinball machines.


Campers experienced with process printing, which involves layering four different screens to create a full color print. They collaborated in groups and printed on various substrates including posters, tote bags, t-shirts, and even hats.


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Essential skills for the everyday life! Projects included ball launchers, popsicle sticks harmonicas, balloon cars, rubber band paddle boats, and more! 


In culinary, campers learned essential kitchen skills while making delicious scones, potato wedges, funnel cake, crepes, mochi muffins!


A brand new edition to camp this summer was our embroidery class. Campers learned a technique called "punch needling" by using embroidery hoops, needles, yarn, and a lot of patience! The end result were some beautiful mug rugs (coasters) and bag charms. All eight groups also had a helping hand in designing and tufting our 2023 Camp Rug.


Drawing, coloring, painting, gluing, and crafting. Campers worked on a plethora of projects including Dali clocks, toucans, ice-cream cones, flip flops, collaborative pieces, and much more!.

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